Capsule Lighter



  • 1 Survival Capsule Lighter with wick and flint included (just add Zippo lighter Fluid)
  • 1 Dog tag style key chain
  • Specs:
    • Size: Is Roughly 1 1/2″ long
    • Color: Silver Material: Stainless Steel

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Our Strike Survival® Capsule lighter is a great waterproof alternative to carrying a fire source for your EDC, Bug out bags, Survival Gear, and Key chain. You will always have fire with this lighter. Works and operates like zippo lighter and you can use zippo products with this. The Flint and wick are replaceable with the Zippo Lighter wicks. The Capsule lighter is also just as durable if not more than the typical Zippo style. Our features a neoprene O’ring to ensure its water tight when dropping it in water or in wet conditions. Our capsule lighter is made of Stainless Steel and extremely durable. Completely made of metal with a durable Military style dog tag key chain that will last.


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