Char Cloth Fire Tinder


-1 2 1/2″x16″ roll 100% Heavy Cotton Char Cloth
-Package size: 3inches-5inches. With a: 2 MIL resalable bag.


100% Heavy Cotton CHAR CLOTH Char Cloth is one of the longest ignition source fuels used in the world. Ours is extra thick fabric that is converted via pyrolysis into a very slow burning fuel of extremely low ignition temperature. Carbon material is easily ignited using just a spark and will burn very HOT and slow enough for you to start a fire, sometimes even in moist or humid conditions. Most survival char cloth is made of various fabrics such as: cotton shirts, jeans, cotton balls, and rope. We use a much heavier cotton which means it will produce a bigger ember and burn longer than most Char material out on the market today. We Produce this in-house and have tested it against other 100% cotton fabrics and materials. We found that our survival cloth held up longer and does produce a much larger ember. When you are in a situation when fire is a must this is your best choice in ignition sources. Tested for Centuries and still is very effective! Fire provides you with light, warmth, security, food, and the ability to boil water for drinking. A must have for survival supplies!


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