Premium Fire Starter


Purchase includes:

  • Each Strike Survival Bushcraft Fire Starter is 100% USA MADE!
  • Striking Rod: Each Fire Starter is rated for Millions of sparks/2 full years for continuous use, estimated!
  • Handle:
    • Solid Walnut, Cherry, or Oak with Compass inlay


Our Bush craft Fire Starters are a great absolute way to ensure you have fire ALWAYS! Our Fire Starters are 100% USA MADE, that are produced using USA produced materials! Strike Survival’s handcrafted fire starters are individually made so no two fire starters are never the exact same. These fire starting tools have been engineered to be used 365 days a year for years! The Walnut, Cherry, and Oak handles have multiple layers of gloss hardened and sealed finish that gives the fire starter a beautiful finish that will last years in the outdoors and elements while you enjoy your adventures. The Ferrocerium “ferro rod” is a man-made metallic material that produces hot sparks at temperatures of about 3,000 °C (5,430 °F) when scraped against a rough surface (pyrophoricity), such as ridged steel. Our “flint-and-steel” rods are 5/16 diameter 2 ½” long. Which will last an extremely long time. The Compass is inlay at the bottom of the solid handle to help guide you get where you are going

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Walnut, Oak, Cherry


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