Fresnel Lens Fire Card


Purchase includes:
x1 Fresnel Lens x3 magnification
x1 RFID Sleeve “Black”
x1 30% off Burnable Bamboo Gift Card



This Fresnel lens is x3 magnification.  Great for capturing the power of the sun to start a fire. The Fresnel lens comes with two other items with the purchase. A Burnable wooden gift card for 30% off with no minimum purchase.  We also include our Modern design RFID credit card sleeve that you can use for your credit cards and ID cards.  With this package deal you get a fire starting tool, RFID Sleeve and our burnable gift card to use as tinder and for a great discount on our site for a huge savings.  This package with the discount card can save you anywhere from 2x-10x the value of your purchase of the this package.
“Discount cards are logged and are only valid for the purchaser.  If this is a gift please note this in checkout and it will be valid for only that individual.”  This code is only redeemable for 1 time use for 30% off total purchase order!


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