Pandemic Hazmat kit


1- Pandemic hazmat kit coverall suit with hood ” Suit covers from head to ankle” (suits will vary on manufacture but are same Specs)
2 – Pairs of Protective Latex/Surgical Gloves.
1 set Blue. 1 set Clear
2 – Alcohol Prep wipes
1 – Bio-Hazard Disposal Bag “red”
Kit weights about 1.7lbs All kits come sealed!
– REFLEX design
– Three-layer fabric construction features a middle layer of microporous film that allows heat and sweat vapor to escape while protecting against dry particulates and liquid.
– Passes ASTM F1670/1671 testing for penetration of blood, body fluids and bloodborne pathogens.
– Seamless front provides more protection in primary exposure areas
– Taped storm flap
– Outer layer provides protection of film barrier against tearing and abrasion


With the Ebola virus and other pandemics growing more and more every day world wide. It is always good to prepare for the just in case and in this time and age when. With several cases in the United States for Ebola and other Pandemics in the past that have broken out without warning.  It is always a good idea to have a kit like this for those situations. Our Hazmat Kits have sold out on our sites many times in the past. Perfect for your bugout bags, vehicles, backpacks, office desk, home disaster kits, and storm clean up. With a constant need for Medical, Hazmat/Biohazard, and Chemical protective equipment always needed in many situations. You should carry something readily available to protect yourself and your family. Get yours NOW be for its to late! These Hazmat Suit Kit Medium suits are purchased from the very same manufactures that supply the USA’s EMS, Law Enforcement, and Fire Departments. Protection against blood borne pathogens in forensic or other environments where exposure to blood/fluids is possible. Also provides protection against some chemicals, please review manufacture technical sheets for further information”. All kits come sealed to prevent contamination and protect against elements when in transit to consumers. Need a different size? Hazmat Suit Kit Large, Hazmat Suit Kit Extra Large.
Perfect for: Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Department, Crime Scene Clean up, Lab work, Disaster clean up, Hazmat PPE, Prepping and Survivalist, Emergency and medical response, Forensics, food processing.

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Hazmat Suit Size

Medium, Large, Extra Large


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