Snare Traps



  • Galvanized Aircraft Cable 7×7, 3/32”, 36” long
  • All components are made of Copper except Hansen Style lock
  • Each one is rated for 920lbs “breaking strength”


Instructions for this product is not provided since every outdoors man has his own technique.



Animal trapping, or simply trapping, is a device used to remotely catch an animal. Animals may be trapped for a variety of purposes, including food, the fur trade, hunting, pest control, and wildlife management. Snare traps for coyotes, hogs, fox, raccoon and other medium size animals are great for these snare traps.  Florida as a large trapping season with a large variety of animals. Our snare traps are made of Galvanized Aircraft Cable, Hansen style quarter snare locks, copper stops, and sleeve ferrules copper swage, double barrel copper ferrules.
Every Snare trap is handmade at our offices in Florida and of American made materials. Every trap is hand inspected and designed for long term use to protect against corrosion, wear and tear, elements, and functionality. Strike Survival Snares will last for years of heavy use.


Please check you local laws on Snare Trapping prior to purchasing this product.  Laws very State to State. Thank you in advance!


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