Survive Kit



1 Metal Box measuring: 5 3/4″ x 4 1/2″ (Can be modified to make more char cloth, boil water, or cook.)

1 Wire saw measuring: 27.5 inches long (Made of Steel wire. Can cut wood, plastic, bone, rubber, soft metals. Super lightweight, small, flexible, and easy to carry.)

1Strike Match Gen. 2 *Equivalent of 20,000 matches combined. Will throw a spark for your birds nest or hold a match flame with wick for those wet conditions. Lighter fluid is needed for reservoir to keep wick moist to produce match flame (only a few drops). No fluid needed to throw spark! Do not over fill or over tighten!

1 Magnesium Shavings Bag (4 grams) High Quality 100% clean and oil free, Made in USA *Magnesium will catch a spark very easily and can be great assistance in the starting of fire “even in wet conditions”. Simply add it to your bird’s nest or kindling, then strike your spark into this target area. Burns hot! Do not look directly into the flame when lighting.

3 Name Brand Fishing hooks, Sizes 2, 4, 6

3 Name Brand Spit Shot Sinkers, Size 1/32oz each

1 Tea Light (Can help with starting fire, or using as a polish for the multi-tool or metal box to signal.)

1 big piece cloth (100% Cotton Cloth, can be used to make more char cloth and or kindling.)

1 11 in 1 Multi-Tool*11 Function’s: Can opener, Knife, Screwdriver, Cap Opener, Ruler, 4 Position wrench(for various size nuts and bolt heads), Butterfly screw wrench, Saw blade, Direction ancillary indication, 2 position wrench, Lanyard hole/key chain hole.

1 Mylar Blanket

1 Mechanical fishing yoyo

10 Oasis water purification tablets

1 p51 Military style can opener

Cardsharp 2 knife

SS-C21 Flashlight (1AA battery required)

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Survive kit by Strike Survival features dozens of ways to survive using simple, light weight, every day, common sense items. From starting a fire in dry or wet conditions, to catching food with our fishing kit, and even sawing big pieces of wood for building camps and for burning. This entire survival kit has been designed to fit in a small container that fits into most standard pockets or military pants. No backpack, camping trip, hiking trip, hunting trip, RV, Boat, Car, Bugout kit, or Bike, should ever not have this kit. You never know when a situation will happen when you will need this and could save you, your friends, or your family’s lives! This kit features many items that are made in the USA, and can be used in multiple ways, from the Metal can to make char cloth, to also cooking food/boiling water, Wire Saw for those big pieces of wood to keep you warm. Even the 11 in 1 Multi-Tool can be used to signal for help! We asked dozens of experts what it would take to make an affordable, convenient kit to get you through a rough situation, and this was there answer. Keep this pocket kit handy for any situation and you will not be left stranded without options! This survival kit is affordable to everyone and will not break the bank.This kit is assembled and made in the USA!


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