Wire Saw



High Quality 8 braided stainless steel wire

28″ long for wide cuts and leverage

8 Strand Braided Stainless Steel Material



Strike Survival’s Commando Wire Survival Saw is one of the most light weight, effective wire saw on the market today Globally. The very same hand tool is NATO approved, and used currently by the British Royal Forces (SAS), Military Pilots and Special Operations personnel worldwide. It is 28 inches in length and is 8 strand braided stainless steel wire with metal hand rings attached at the ends. This is also used by various other Military and Survival entities around the world because of its flexibility, light weight and the ability to cut through various materials including wood, rubber, bone and various soft metals like aircraft aluminum. This wire saw utilizes swivels on its ends to reduce tension and increase the life of the saw under extreme conditions. Because of its maneuverability and design its capable to reach tight spaces where other hand tools cannot, and allows for more leverage to be applied using straps or quarter size sticks/rods in the loops to reduce stress on the hands. This is a must have when a saw is needed in conditions where weight, and space are a issue. Works even better in open spaces! A “must have” for any pocket survival kit, bug out bag, light weight prepping, camping, hiking, hunting, and Military. In fact we include these in our Strike Survival “Survive” Pocket Kit! “This Product is tested under extreme conditions and approved by NATO”. This is the original Military wire saw and is not a cheap replica or copy. We Test all products to ensure our consumers receive the best quantity for the best prices.  Other survival wire saws break and are not constructed properly for Military conditions and don’t cut nearly as well as Ours!


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