Perma Match 20pc


– Waterproof.
– Ultra Light weight and compact (3 ounces each).
– Size: 2″x1.5″x1/2″.
– Material: Light weight polymer, wrapped in “ABS” stainless steel.
– Lighter is refillable.
– Wick is replaceable with Zippo lighter wicks.
– Stainless Steel Striking Rod.
Purchase Includes:
20 Strike Survival Matches Gen. 1


Permanent Match

Strike Survival’s Military Match is the highest rated among the permanent match style designs. Strike Survival’s Team has totally revamped this style perma match for durability, weight, and larger spark capabilities. Survival match can be used for EDC, Survivalist, Military, Camping, Hikers, Smokers, BBQ, or any outdoor event when you are in need of a flame or spark. Lighter is easy to use and super compact. Can keep on your key chain, or backpack, even works with Mollie system. Simply put a few drops of lighter fluid in the opening and put match rod back in the well. This Lighter is the equivalent of 20,000 matches each. This is a great bulk purchase for gifts, samples, groups, or classes!


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