RFID Credit Card Sleeve


RFID Shield Protection Technology
Ridged Construction
Modern design
Light weight
Color: Black
Purchase includes:
x10 STRIKE SURVIVAL RFID Credit Card Sleeve’s


The Strike Survival RFID sleeve protects against electronic scanners taking your personal information off your credit cards and ID cards.  These sleeves fit in the same credit card slots in your purse or wallet.  Simply put your ID or credit card in the protective sleeve to shield it from being scanned.  This technology is a simple yet effective step to reduce the possibility against identity theft or fraud.
Strike Survival designs these to not look like the basic ones you see everywhere.  Typically these are silver or white with no design and are made of flimsy material. Ours are a sleek modern design made of high quality materials.  Our sleeves are also constructed of ridged material to help prevent your ID’s or credit cards from breaking as well.  This is a great bulk purchase for gifts, samples, or for group buys.


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