Spark Survival Kit



1 plastic, water resistant box (Water/food storage)

5 cotton balls (for Tender)

1 Strike Survival Gen. 1 Match (20,000 match equivalent)

3 Piece Char Cloth

1 Vile Magnesium Super fine powder

1 fishing kit

1 wine cork-20ft braided, fishing string 50lbs test (Name brand)

3 Split shot sinkers 1/32oz each (Name Brand)

3 Fishing hooks, Sizes 2, 4, 6 (Name Brand)

1 45lbs test black leader (Name Brand)

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This 11 Piece “Spark” survival kit by Strike Survival features dozens of ways to survive using simple common sense items. From starting a fire in dry or wet conditions, to catching food with our fishing kit. This entire pocket kit has been designed to fit in a small container that fits into most standard pockets or military pants. No backpack, camping trip, hiking trip, hunting trip, RV, Boat, Car, Bug out pack, or Bike, should ever not have this survival kit. You never know when a situation will happen when you will need this and could save you, your friends, or your family. This kit features many items that can be used in multiple ways, from Plastic “water resistant box”, so you can collect water for drinking. To the Strike Survival Perma-Match to start a fire, for cooking and warmth, when you need just a spark to survive! This plastic is food safe! This survival kit is affordable to everyone and will not break the bank. This kit is assembled and made in the USA!


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